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Payment Way

T/T or Check is available 

For the first transaction, customers must prepay 40% of the total amount



Shipping & delivery

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§Client Provide Needs§

No matter how great your package looks, you will fail your customer if it doesn’t function as expected. Thinking from the purpose or occasion can help you find the tin box specification and size accurately. Tea Box? Biscuits Box? Candy Box? Scented Candle Box?
We can assist you to custom your own tin box in your limited budget and quantity with best cost, which also help you minimum your stock pressure. A good packaging make you a good brand promotion and awareness.

§Discussion & Suggestion§

Discuss with customers to suggest
suitable custom product, design printing and quantity

§After confirming the order,
provide the developed view§

Provide printed box packaging expanded view
to customers for designing their image

§Client provide AI file§

§Confirm final design file & printing conditions§

§Sign Quotation§

§Tinplate Printing§

§Tin or Can Forming§

§Delviery Product§

The work day is about 40 days after the file is confirmed. The actual time is based on the notification at that time


After confirming need
Select your moulds




Tin Template

Use Current Mould
Low cost 
Adjust your height if we have mould

Create new mould
Develop new molds for mass production by clients special needs with additional costs

Before formal printing, we will provide samples to let clients make sure the color, size and structure is correct.







Printing& Die Cutting 

Our production mode is a combination of  semi-automatic production lines.Different production methods will be selected according to the number and complexity of projects.

Print the design on tin
then die cutting

More print info. as below



Quality & Packing



Quality control inspection"
then packing product

Final products to clients



Step 1
 Select Basic Coating 

The base coating is the first step of printing,
and the subsequent colors will be printed based on the base coating

White Magnetic

White Ink

Metal Printing
(Penetration effect)

Highly saturated white paint is applied on the tin material with no tin permeable part. The color of the pattern printed on white porcelain will be very close to the color of the pattern printed on white paper; It is not allowed to make up printing with the design of metal color or iron penetration effect.

Printing white on some areas, and then printing design patterns on these white areas; The color effect printed is close to that printed on white paper, but it is not as good as that of white magnet; It can be printed in the same metal color or through iron effect

If no basic coating is used during printing, the printed color will show a metallic color like iron itself; Another process is to retain the original color of iron without printing any patterns in a certain part, that is, partial iron penetration.

Step 2
 Select Printing Requirements 

4 Colors Printing

Spot Color


Print multiple colors from a film document. Use a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow and black to make other colors.Low Cost

The selected specific Pantone color is matched. It is the most accurate color matching method when printing on tin with white magnetic base coating

The document you design can contain four colors and spot colors at the same time to show a variety of different colors

Step 3
 Select Surface Treatment 


Dumb oil

Explosive Oil

The surface of the tin box is brighter.This is the most commonly used surface treatment, varnish.

Different from the shiny gloss, dumb oil is the effect of dumb color.

The process of breaking the seal in the process, an interesting and unique finish, is usually used to create a worn / antique appearance.

Over Light Printing Mute
On the surface of the product, some patterns are displayed as varnish and some patterns are displayed as dumb oil.



What is the advantage of our products?

Specializing in producing various tin containers, tin cases, tin cans in Taiwan, such as Candy Box, Gift Box, Cookie & Biscuit Tin, Tea Tin Box, Food Tin Box, Mint Tin Box, Handmade Soap Box, popcorn tin and so on. Customization with low cost is available

We also have long-term relationship with well-known brands, such as Sugar & Spice, kirin, Uni-president and so on.

More info. please to About Us

How soon will you provide the quotation

Usually we will provide quotation within 24 hours after confirming clients' needs

What is the payment way?

T/T or Check is available. For the first transaction, customers must prepay 40% of the total amount.

How do you inspect & control quality?

 We have a professional QC team to checking products in our factory inspect & control quality?

What is the quality of the products we purchase?

We purchase tinplate material from Japan, which can ensure product safety. The quality is relatively stable and the color printed on the tin box is also relatively saturated. Japan tinplate is also have lower defects as well.


What is the process of ordering?

You can leave your needs by
the website [Product Items]
We will try our best to meet your demands
Please also leave the detailed information including specification, quantity, budget, and design idea, and your contact information. We will contact you asap. You can also leave your needs from [Contact Us] in the bottom of the website.

How many tin items?

There are many shapes of tin boxes in our company such as Round, Square, Rectangular, Special Shapes an so on. Diversified styles make you choose from all products.

In addition to website's tin box, can you have customization?

If there is no suitable type that meets your needs,
we can also create new moulds with demanded specification Please contact us directly
Or leave your request by Contact Us 
We will contact you asap.

Is there anything to pay attention to tin box design?

We will provide developed view
Allow client to design the layout and style
More Tin Printing Information,
please contact us directly

What is the MOQ?


What is Tinplate? 

Tinplate consists of sheets of steel, coated with a thin layer of tin. Before the advent of cheap milled steel the backing metal was iron. While once more widely used, the primary use of tinplate now is the manufacture of tin cans.
Tin plate is no deformation,opaque,fire resistance and other characteristics, has been widely used in food or other packing including meat sauce,fruit,tea,coffee,drinks,cosmetic,mint,wax, etc.

Why Tinplated is environmental friendly? 

Tinpalte is 
Low Pollution Recyclable〞〝Resource Saving

High Usage Rate
The usage rate of tinplate
in Germany and France is as high as 80% or more
The Japanese consume
more than 25 billion tin packaging every year


100% Recycling

Tinplate is easy to process and 100% recyclable.
Without loss of quality, the material can be processed as often as desired. Of course, this saves resources for future generations and reduces energy consumption in packaging production and recycling.

Energy & Resource Efficient

Tinplate saves energy and reduces emissions and
improves the environmental performance
of the products packed in them.



The material tinplate has a high resistance and strength.
Our products are durable and consistently robust.


Environmentally Friendly

Tinplate is a material with a sustainable & environmentally friendly soul

Paper packaging requires massive deforestation which will endanger soil and water conservation then cause global warming.

The pollution of plastic packaging to the environment is even more serious than paper.It will be serious harm to marine life because inaccurate recycling and non-decomposability.


More question?

If you have any question, please free to contact us
Or leave your request by contacting us
We will contact you asap.




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