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A09 Tin Round-(Ø) Diameter 266mm-A Professional Tin Box Manufacturer

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Product details

A09 Tin Round - (Ø)Diameter 266mm


Material Application
Good Material,
Deformation Resistance

More Info.
and so on
Height Lids
Any needs
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Depend on your demands
Select different lids below


The Height of Current Mould (excluding lid)

Optional  Size /

85mm, 123mm圓鐵盒,茶葉罐,餅乾鐵盒,餅乾鐵盒工廠,少量鐵盒印刷

The Inro. of Lid

Optional  Size /

Slip Lid

 Height 17mm 

Lid tightness ★★★☆☆☆
Applicatoin ★★★★★☆
Leak Tightness ★★☆☆☆☆


Dounut Lid

 Height 20mm 

Lid tightness ★★★★

Applicatoin ★★★★☆☆
Leak Tightness ★★★★★

 Useing with Special Tin Body 


Usage Scenarios

Idea Reference /

More Info. of Lid Application

Tin Round can be used in various scenarios

Tinplate box has a good texture. Compared with the plastic or paper packaging, the tin box is easier to be kept by consumers because of it is good to be a storage container.
With attracting customized design, it is very suitable for brand promotion as well, which can be used on company gifts, product packaging such as candy and cookies or even it's good for storage stacking and advertising.

Donutt Style Lid

The top of the lid is concave design for easy access, which is also good for brand promotion becasue of its attraced image.

Customization is available,Please contact us

This item is customized tin can with MOQ - 5,000 pieces. 

A09 Tin Round-(Ø) Diameter 266mm-A Professional Tin Box Manufacturer